Bringing Europe's Leaders Together

China-Europe Beijing Forum
24-25 May 2012, Beijing

The China-Europe Beijing Forum sought to build on the ‘Club of Three and China’ initiative that began during the Plenary meeting in Berlin in November 2010.

In collaboration with the Boyuan Foundation, a European delegation of senior public figures, businesspeople, journalists and academics travelled to Beijing to strengthen the relationships established in Berlin and engage in a much-needed non-governmental dialogue on issues of contention, such as: the valuation of the Renminbi; Chinese tariffs on European goods; and the debate over human and political rights in China and the resulting tensions in Europe-China relations.

Participants included: Dai Xiaojing (Executive Director, Stock Exchange Executive Council); Zhou Xiaochuan (Governor, People’s Bank of China); Zhu Min (Deputy Managing Director, IMF); Jean-Pisani Ferry (Director, Bruegel); Pascal Lamy (Director-General, World Trade Organisation); Baudouin Prot (Chairman, BNP Paribas); and Peter Sands, (Group Chief Executive, Standard Chartered).