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Club of Three Webinar
Navigating Europe’s economy out of lockdown – 18 June 2020

In June, the Club of Three held a second webinar on the economic fallout from Covid-19. How to manage the major recession triggered by the pandemic was becoming a top priority as countries around the world emerged slowly from a long period of confinement.

More than fourty senior figures from business and the policy field in France, Germany and the UK took part in this one-hour Zoom session entitled “Navigating Europe’s economy out of lockdown: what levers, what risks, what opportunities?”.

The three main speakers were:

* Paul Achleitner, Chairman of Deutsche Bank

* Laurence Boone, OECD Chief Economist; Former special adviser (economic and financial affairs) to French President François Hollande

*Lord Turner, Chairman, Energy Transitions Commission; Senior Fellow, Institute for New Economic Thinking; Former Chairman, UK Financial Services Authority

This discussion was chaired by Club of Three Chairman Michael Maclay.

Participants included: Lord Simon of Highbury (President Emeritus, Club of Three); Katherine Bennett CBE (Senior Vice President, Airbus UK); Steffen Hoffmann (President, Robert Bosch UK); Jean-Dominique Giuliani (President, Robert Schuman Foundation); Gilles de Margerie (Commissioner General for Policy Planning, France Stratégie); Marie-Hélène Bérard (President, MHB SAS Investment and Consulting); Sarah Raine (Consulting Senior Fellow for Geopolitics and Strategy, IISS); Pascal Boris CBE (Co-founder, Le Cercle d’outre-Manche; Honorary President, French Chamber of Great Britain); Claude Alber (Vice President Europe, Collins Aerospace); Edmond Alphandéry (Founder and Chairman, Euro50 Group).