Bringing Europe's Leaders Together

Club of Three

Our mission

The Club of Three is a Franco-German-British leadership initiative which aims to:

  • Encourage the exchange of new ideas at the highest level on how to tackle the greatest threats and challenges of our time
  • Enhance dialogue between senior figures from business, politics, the media and academia in France, Germany and the UK
  • Strengthen the relationships between “the Three” and with other European and international partners outside of official communication channels
  • Generate strategic thinking on Europe’s future following the British referendum decision for the UK to leave the European Union

Club of Three Webinar

Europe’s open strategic autonomy ambition: can we walk the talk?


On 15 September, the Club of Three held a webinar on open strategic autonomy. Is Europe really able to act autonomously in strategic areas such as technology and data, and if so how far can it go in its pursuit of strategic autonomy while maintaining close partnerships with key partners? Should it use its own trade, financial and legal powers to protect and even retaliate against extraterritorial sanctions by the US and other global powers?

The discussion was chaired by Matthew Kirk , with Pascal Lamy, Stormy-Annika Mildner and IBM’s Martin Jetter as main speakers.