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Club of Three Webinar
Promising Horizons for Europe? Trade and Investment Prospects - and Geopolitics - in the Indo-Pacific Region – 24 March 2021

This event on Europe and trade in the Indo-Pacific was organised thanks to the support of the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

The discussion, chaired by C3 Chairman Michael Maclay, explored how Europe’s economic footprint in the Indo-Pacific could be leveraged to strengthen its strategic influence in the region. It assessed the geo-strategic importance of trade, from regional blocs such as the CPTPP to the partnerships that European countries are building with Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and India.

The three main speakers were:

*Rebecca Harding, CEO of Coriolis Technologies and author of the acclaimed books “The Weaponization of Trade” and “Gaming Trade”. Rebecca is a member of the World Trade Board and was Chief Economist to the British Bankers’ Association until 2017.

*Stefan Mair, Chair of the Board, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP). Stefan Mair previously served on the Executive board of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), with particular responsibility for international issues

*Frédéric Grare, Non-resident Senior Fellow, Carnegie’s South Asia Programme and Senior Policy Fellow (Asia Programme) at the European Council on Foreign Relations. Frédéric Grare previously worked at the Centre for Analysis, Planning and Strategy at the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs where he focused on Indo-Pacific dynamics.

Participants included: Patrick Horgan (Director Global Government Relations, Rolls Royce); Guy de Jonquières (Senior Fellow, European Centre for International Political Economy); May-Britt Stumbaum (Director of the NFG Research Group “Asian Perceptions of the EU”, Freie Universität Berlin); Philippe Le Corre (Senior Fellow – Asia, Harvard Kennedy School); Douglas McWilliams (Deputy Chairman, Centre for Economics and Business Research); Lord Powell of Bayswater (Board member, LVMH, Jardine Strategic Holdings, Hong Kong Land and Matheson & Co); Anne-Elisabeth Moutet (Columnist, The Telegraph); Anna Kuchenbecker (Senior Director, Development and Strategic Partnership, European Council on Foreign Relations); Sir Mike Rake (Board Adviser; Chairman of BT Group (2007-17) .