Bringing Europe's Leaders Together

Fireside Chat with David Lammy MP
26 February 2024, London

In February, the Club of Three organised a fireside chat with David Lammy MP, Shadow UK Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs. The event was hosted by Miguel Berger, German Ambassador to the UK, at German House in London, on Belgrade Square.

It took place on 26 February as a number of European leaders and allies were meeting for a major conference in Paris to discuss a strengthening of Western support to Ukraine two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country.

Some 60 senior figures from business, diplomacy and security experts from France, Germany, the UK and other parts of Europe took part in the Club of Three meeting.

David Lammy outlined what the UK’s foreign policy would focus on under a new government in the event of a Labour win following this year’s general election in Britain, as well as the role that the UK could play internationally in the coming years.

The discussion that followed was moderated by Elisabeth Braw, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and author of “Goodbye Globalization”.

Participants included: Hélène Duchêne (French Ambassador to the UK); Pedro Serrano (EU Ambassador to the UK); Inigo Lambertini (Italian Ambassador to the UK); Norbert Röttgen (German MP (CDU); President of the Club of Three); Bastian Giegerich (Director-General, IISS); Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles (Group Head of Public Affairs, HSBC); Torry Berntsen (CEO, Europe & Americas, Standard Chartered); Uwe Hanneck (Vice-Chairman, German Industry UK); François-Joseph Schichan (Director, Geopolitics and European Affairs, Flint Global); Vonjy Rajakoba (Managing Director, Bosch UK); Pascal Boris CBE (Honorary President, French Chamber of Great Britain); Julian Moore (Director, Government Affairs and Strategy, Boeing UK); Vonjy Rajakoba (Managing Director, Bosch UK)